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5 factors that increase the chance of obesity in children

Obesity has become a threat to the society. The rate of obesity is increasing at a rapid rate around the world. The major reasons for this are discussed below.


img33You can find fast food shops everywhere. It’s cheap and easily accessible. Parents are busy with their works, so don’t get much time to prepare food at home. As a result, they have to rely on the fast food. Eating high-calorie foods like fast foods, soft drinks, desserts, and candy can cause kids to get overweight.

No exercise

Children now hardly go to the field and play. They are addicted to video games and television. So, they don’t get the chance to exercise. This leads to weight gain.

 Family factors

img5If the parents or other close members of the family are overweight, the there is high chance that the child will also be overweight. The eating habit of that family is such that you can gain weight easily. They probably eat high-calorie foods all the time. Also, the family members may not be engaged in physical activities, and the kids learn from them. So, the kids also get overweight.

Socioeconomic factors

img6In some communities, there may not be supermarkets nearby. So people have to rely on convenience foods like, frozen meals, cookies, etc. Also, the neighborhood may not be safe to exercise.

Psychological factors

If kids are stressed or feel bored, then they start to eat more to get rid of their emotional disturbances. Probably their parents also have the same problem.

Obesity can lead to many serious diseases. If it is not controlled in childhood, it will be difficult to control later on as the unhealthy habits will be carried on to adulthood as well.